How to import font in jsreport?

  • Hi sir,
    Instead of installing each font in docker is there any way to use it as asset by importing the font files.because some template of our report need particular font and other template need a particular font.for example A template need Muller font and B need both Muller and Rage italic and C template need Arial font.

    Also which extension font work in jsreport ie,.ttf,.otf etc

    Is Google Api font is better? Can u please tell me from where fonts should download?

    Also bold is not working in our production but it works locally so can please tell me the font required for bold only.because i have designed more 100 templates for our clients and still they we're using they asked why bold is not working so I installed
    RUN apk add --update fontconfig && apk add --no-cache msttcorefonts-installer && update-ms-fonts && fc-cache -f
    In my docker file but the problem is bold works but style breaks means i wrote font family as Ariel i don't know due to this or due to anything
    So i suddenly deleted using command,
    RUN apk del fontconfig
    RUN apk del msttcorefonts-installer

    Is by uninstall like this whether the template got corrupted because I have done this in production it is working but still I'm asking?

    Please help

  • Can you please reply?

  • Thanks for your reply now it is working. Also do you know how to install font (Muller) via docker file?. Because when i run chrome-pdf template from local host font-weight: bold is working but when i run template from jsreport studio deployed in production it is not working so i understood that it is required to install font from docker itself .

  • Hope this demo will help you for the bold font,

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