Obtaining jsreport.binary compiled for 32 bit

  • We are using jsreport.binary (v2.3.1) for .NET. It works great on 64 bit OS, however, our application will be deployed on both 32 bit (Win 7/Win 10) and 64 bit (Win 7/Win 10). Is there any way that we can obtain a 32 bit build for jsreport.binary? We would probably also need 32 bit compiled versions of jsreport.Client, jsreport.Local, jsreport.Shared and jsreport.Types?

    Do we have any options available to us to run JS Report on 32 bit windows on a closed isolated network (no internet access)?

  • Unfortunately, we provide just 64bit jsreport binary.
    I am afraid the only option for you is to run full jsreport on prem instance with 32 bit nodejs.

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