Render View from another Area (MVC .Net Core)

  • Hi, I'm using MVC .net core and I have problems trying to specify the view to render which is in another (area) folder path

    var contenido = await _jsReportMVCService.RenderViewToStringAsync(HttpContext, RouteData, "Areas/Cajas/Views/Cobros/DetailsPrint", cobroVM);

    and I recive this exception:
    ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: Areas/Cajas/Views/Cobros/DetailsPrint does not match any available view
    jsreport.AspNetCore.JsReportMVCService.RenderViewToStringAsync(HttpContext context, RouteData routeData, string viewName, object model)

    Is there any way to render a view from other area?

  • Do you have a full stack?
    Or could you debug it here and find out what is actually null?

  • Hi, thanks for response.
    I'm new in all of this and I don't know how to debug a NuGet package. So I copied the method RenderViewToStringAsync to my controller and also change the view name

    var contenido = await RenderViewToStringAsync1(HttpContext, RouteData, "~/Areas/Cajas/Views/Cobros/DetailsPrint.cshtml", cobroVM);

    The RenderViewToStringAsync method gives me null on viewResult

    var viewResult = ((IRazorViewEngine)context.RequestServices.GetService(typeof(IRazorViewEngine))).FindView(actionContext, viewName, false);

    Doing some research on internet in found many people have problem with FindView Method so I comment the line and add replace it with GetView method

    //var viewResult = ((IRazorViewEngine)context.RequestServices.GetService(typeof(IRazorViewEngine))).FindView(actionContext, viewName, false);
    var hostingEnv = context.RequestServices.GetService(typeof(IHostingEnvironment)) as IHostingEnvironment;
    var viewResult = ((IRazorViewEngine)context.RequestServices.GetService(typeof(IRazorViewEngine))).GetView(hostingEnv.WebRootPath, viewName, false);

    and its works, but I don't know why FindView method give me null.
    Any Suggestion?


  • Thanks for sharing. I use now also GetView as suggested.
    You can update jsreport.AspNetCore nuget, it is part of 2.0.2.

    Change for reference

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