How to add Handlebars helpers in dotnet ?

  • I am just using the jsreport for making simple pdf report. At the moment my code like this

        public async  Task<IActionResult> Test(){
            var sdr = await _appRepository.GetStaffDefaultRates();  
            var dto  = _mapper.Map<List<StaffDefaultRate>, List<StaffDefaultRateReportDto>>(sdr);          
            var x = new {
                bootstrapcss = "http://localhost:5000/public/css/bootstrap.min.css",
                publicPath = "http://localhost:5000/public/",
                message = "hello world",
                today = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd MMM yyyy"),
                staffRates = dto,
            var staffRates = _fileRepository.ReadReportTemplate("StaffRates.html");
            var rs = new ReportingService("http://localhost:5488");
            var report = await rs.RenderAsync(new RenderRequest(){
                Template = new Template(){
                    Recipe = Recipe.ChromePdf,
                    Engine = Engine.Handlebars,
                    Content = staffRates,
                }, Data = x 
            var memory = new MemoryStream();
            await report.Content.CopyToAsync(memory);
            memory.Position = 0 ;
            return File(memory, "application/pdf");
            // return Ok(staffRates);

    So I use file to store template and send it to server to generate pdf. Now I need to format date in my templates and I am going to use moment.js to do that.

    How do I attach the helpers.js and moment.js as well into my report ?

  • This is a duplicated question of the one asked on StackOverflow. I answered it there.

    Please don't post questions duplicates. Choose forum or so, what you prefer, and ask just once.

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