Install and Run Electron in AWS

  • Hi

    Please let us know how can i install the electron in AWS, we require this badly as phantom JS is having table header overlapping issue.

    i have tried lot of method, but still i am unable to install electronPDF.

    Please let us know is their any nominal charge paid service, which will get us from out of this.

  • Which os image you use?
    Do you have problems running it on EC2 VM?
    Or do you run it on Elastic Beanstalk? Is your option to use Elastic Banstalk docker based deployment?

    jsreportonline runs electron on the AWS EC2 using this docker image.

  • We have of course also available paid support service.
    Just trying to give you some hints before.

  • thanks for the replay. we are using Elastic Banstalk deployment. without docker

  • So I guess that elastic beanstalk deployment through docker is not an option for you?

  • we are not familiar with the docker and hence we are not using it

    also i am new to this, i used to design reports using crystal report

  • we are in the process of upgrading our application to light weight. i find the the JSreport is the good choice.

    Since i could not able to install the elector PDF, i am unable to show the full power of JSreport to our management.

    without this i could not purchase the JSreport

  • You don't have to be familiar with it. It is just about setting elastic beanstalk configuration option.

    Your intention is to run jsreport as the elastic beanstalk to get some service around EC2.
    Do you run in this particular beanstalk also something else than jsreport?
    Do you have some custom jsreport extensions in place?
    Where do you plan to store the jsreport templates?

  • Yes, we are having other EC2 services in this elastic beanstalk .
    no, we do not have any other custom js report in place. actually first i have installed the JS report to my local machine and after that i have deployed this to AWS Elastic beanstalk.
    I have configured the Postgres to store templates, and it is working.

  • Could you contact me on skype @pofider for short message chat ?
    It would be quicker to chat about your options.

  • sure, thanks

  • sure, thanks

  • hi Jan,
    as per our skype chat i have installed the JSreport in AWS using Docker image which you have sent.

    Please let us know how do i change the configuration like enabling authentication and updating connectionString to look for Postgres.

  • You can set environment variables in the AWS UI

    Something like:

    connectionString_name  postgres

    Every environment variable is converted into configuration option where the _ or : can be used as the nested path delimiter.

  • thank you very much for your support.

    finally i have successfully configured the JSReport in AWS.

    please let us know which licensee type should i buy, enterprise or enterprise scale.

    we are having a front end application which was built using reactjs. in one of the module we need to generate reports like pdf, xls, csv for this we are going to use JSreports.

    will this enterprise license suffices our requirement.

    how the jsreport will handle multiple request at a same time, will it slow down the response.

  • Great!

    If you run just on one VM instance, you can use individual enterprise license.
    If you plan to scale to get the high availability, the enterprise scale makes it easy for you to apply just single license key.

    The jsreport docker full image is configured to load balance tasks like phantomjs and templates rendering on multiple processes so it should work fine for you in parallel. Here you can also find a discussion regarding heavy traffic scenario.

  • can you please elaborate more on enterprise scale licence,

    also please let us know how can we speed up the electronpdf, it is 60% slow when compared to phantom.

    i have configured the 'strategy' to 'dedicated-process' if i change this to 'electron-ipc', the report itself is not working.

  • You need to be more specific with your licensing question. Make sure you read the docs
    Basically enterprise scale license gives you single key you can apply through AWS EB config and don't need to care about how many instances you spin up.

    You can try to use multi cpu core VM which gives better performance to electron.

  • thank you very much for your help

  • we have purchased the enterprise licence key,
    now i need to create one more AWS instance for development purpose. i will clone the existing AWS and create a new one for developmental purpose.

    can i use the same licence key for both of the applications, one will be used for production and another will be used for developmental purpose.

    how do i differentiate developmental and production application, do i need to set any variables to distinguish.

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