Also....a problem in jsReport Azure web app

  • I followed these step by step, even using the same docker image, since so far I am failing to make it work as azure functions (check the previous thread):

    This how the jsreport looks in your documentation, and it looks the same as my local jsreport app (I used the ready kit for azure functions).

    alt text

    This how my deployed azure web app looks like:

    It looks totally different??

    This one doesn't support metadata and not fully compatible with the other.
    My local app :
    version: 2.10.0
    handlebars, jsrender, none
    chrome-image, chrome-pdf, docx, html, html-to-xlsx, html-with-browser-client, pptx, static-pdf, text, xlsx

    The one in docker......I dunno, I see no "About" there. And it also throwing "Chromium revision is not downloaded. Run "npm install" or "yarn install"" when attempting to create a report.

    What about these incompatibilities? Is there other docker images? I am totally lost there.

  • I am stupid, i mixed up between 2.1.0 and 2.10

    i am happy with Azure web app and it's way faster than the Azure functions jserport (which is not working as expected).

    Azure web app is working as expected and successful generated reports via post.

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