Pass Azure file Storage credentials from .Net to JsReport Server instead of including storage account details in the jsreport.config file

  • Hi

    Is it possible to pass Azure File Storage account details(connection string, password etc) from .Net to Jsreport instead of including those details in the Jsreport.config file? I would like to if possible have these details be included in the RenderAsync method to tell Jsreport to save the rendered report to Azure Storage.

    Thank you for the assistance

  • Unfortunately no, the connection string to the azure storage is the whole instance configuration. It can't be passed per request.

    You need to either download the output to your .net app and upload it to the azure from there.
    Or use jsreport custom script and upload the report to whatever you want from the afterRender hook.

  • My apologies, I see I forgot to respond.
    Thank you for the clarification, much easier to include it in the instance configuration. I just wanted to know what was possible.

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