move ASP.Net Core local jsReport configuration to Docker service.

  • Hello I'm new with jsReport and I have to move a local Asp.Net Core service to a docker external one but we define some initial configurations in the local service that I have no idea how to move to the container config :

            var localReporting = new LocalReporting()
                    .UseBinary(RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.Linux) ?
                        jsreport.Binary.Linux.JsReportBinary.GetBinary() :
                    .Configure(cfg =>
                        cfg.AllowLocalFilesAccess = true;
                        cfg.ReportTimeout = jsReportTimeout;
                        cfg.Chrome = new ChromeConfiguration
                            Timeout = jsReportTimeout,
                            Strategy = ChromeStrategy.ChromePool,
                            NumberOfWorkers = jsReportNumberOfWorkers
                        cfg.HttpPort = jsReportHttpPort;
                        return cfg;

    Some of the cfg stuff is what we like to configure in the docker service.

    Any help on how to do that?

    Thank you

  • jsreport loads file jsreport.config.json as a configuration source which you can copy to the container image.

    The second option is to use environmental variables in your dockerfile.

    ENV reportTimeout 120000

    See this also in the documentation

  • Thank you Jan will be testing that.

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