Nuget package update

  • I hope. I'm not wrong here...
    The nuget package jsreport.Binary is on version 2.11.0, while the current release is 3.4.1
    While I can render my html from my last question in playground and via cli (version 3.4.1), I cant render it via my .NET Core console app
    I hope this package can be updated quickly
    Thanks in advance!

  • I will try to give it some priority, but it isn't just about releasing it in binary, I need to check the APIs compatibility and so on.

  • Thanks for taking it into consideration, because going the route via cli from my C# project feels really hacky

  • I would personally always recommend running "normal full" jsreport as extra service and communicating with it using jsreport.Client. However I understand there are some situations when using binary wrapped into .net is the only option.

  • Hi Jan,

    Have you had any time to look at this? We had some issues with page numbering on our table of contents on version 2.11.0 which has been resolved in the latest version and thus we are looking to update accordingly.

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