Running jsreport studio together with asp net core web app

  • Hi,

    I am trying out the new .net jsreport sdk v2 and can download the reports from my web app.

    When i was running the separate jsreport studio and using the .net client, I could run the studio on side with my web-app and make changes to the report template and then test it with the real data from my web app.

    With the new sdk, Is it possible to access the jsreport studio when the web app is running??

    I cannot access it at localhost:5488 . (my web app is running at localhost:2691).

  • Hi,

    you can run the jsreport web server within the web app using this code:

    var rs = new LocalReporting()

    Calling AsWebServer makes sure jsreport runs as full web server on port 5488.
    Some more information can be found here

    You may also like to watch the introduction video

  • Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you, it works perfect.

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