Credits during report generation have suddenly increased from 1 to 2000

  • We have been using jsreports for years now and recently started getting messages that we must upgrade to silver because our usage has exceeded the allowed amount. We did that but are noticing that each report would "cost" one unit and now is costing 2000+. We did not make any recent changes and wondering how we can look at the details of a request or what is causing this.

    This is of critical importance as our site is producing errors and customers have started to complain.

  • We had server problems today that caused this.
    All users have now cleared credits usage to 0 so you should be able to operate normally.
    I apologize for the problems.

  • Thank you, is the problem fixed or did you just zero it out where we will have the same issue in the near future. I will probably want to go back to my basic level of 29.95 but don't want to change until I know if is fixed.

  • This was a sudden incident that happened on the same code and infrastructure we use for years. Basically, docker refused to restart our worker containers on one of the servers. We've implemented some policies to be able to overcome such situations in the future. We will release this tomorrow. We don't expect the same thing to happen now again.

    If you decide you stick with the original cheaper plan, please email me your account name to and we will refund you the previous payment.

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