Where can I set startTimeOut in .net or something similiar?

  • Cause it seems like my first render/request always fails and the others works perfectly fine. Similiar problem to this one https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/jsreport/mAbgQ_6I8lo

    Whenever I make a first request to just builded project, first pdf render always first and throws exceptions like: "Error while copying content to a stream.", "Socket has been closed".

    Where do I specify the start time out.

        public PdfService()
            _pdfJsreportCreator = new PdfJsreportCreator();
            _reportingService = new LocalReporting()
                .Configure(cfg =>
                    cfg.LicenseKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[JS_REPORT_LICENSE];
                    return cfg;

    This class is initialized in the api controlled constuctor.
    What can I do to fix this proble.

  • Not sure that is the main problem, but...
    _reportingService.StartAsync() returns an async task which you need to await or use something like _reportingService.StartAsync().Wait().

  • @jan_blaha

    Wops sorry, it actually has await but the StartAsync is called inside a method which is placed in som PdfCreator class.

        public async Task<byte[]> CreatePdfReport(ILocalWebServerReportingService _reportingService, PdfTemplate template, IEnumerable<PdfPart> templateParts, IPdfStateObject stateObject)
            await _reportingService.StartAsync();
            var renderRequest = CreateRenderRequest(template, templateParts, stateObject);
            var report = await _reportingService.RenderAsync(renderRequest);
            return await GetPdf(report);

  • So you call StartAsync() every time you want to render a report?
    You should do it just once. During the application init for example.

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