Change default temp location

  • I am running the sample application which converts the Razor pages into pdf.
    When the application is run it creates a jsReport folder in c:\windows\temp

    Is this temp location configurable? Where in my core project can I define the path?


  • jsreport uses the temp directory of the current user.
    You can change this using the configuration property TempDirectory

  • Thanks. after I set the temp directory property it creates a folder at my desired location. But I still see a directory getting created under windows\temp with cli and compile folders only.
    Is there a way to change that location also?

  • Unfortunately no. There are several levels of code and the top one doesn't use the tempDirectory because the configuration is not parsed yet.

    I've submitted feature request so you can subscribe and see when it is implemented

    As a workaround, cannot you create a specific user under which you run the app in iis?

  • Running under a specific user I get a access denied error on c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myapp\jsreport
    It tries to create a folder jsreport under my app and is unable to do so. Do I need to give some special permissions to the user or IIS_IUSRS on the folder where myapp resides?

  • I think it is quite common to grant to the user running the app pool the access to the folder where the app runs.
    At least I do it almost always because the application typically writes some logs there.

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