Cant launch chrome in docker linux container

  • I have an core application that I am deploying in a linux docker container. I seem to be having trouble getting chrome to launch when I run a report. I am getting the error:

    Failed to launch chrome!  Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported.

    I have followed the directions on the .net local reporting page here ( and made the neccesarry modifications for running chrome in linux, but I am still getting the error.

    Here is my full docker file:

    #use the .net core 2.1 runtime default image
    FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1-aspnetcore-runtime
    #set the working directory to the server
    WORKDIR /server
    #copy all contents in the current directory to the container server directory
    COPY . /server
    #install node
    RUN apt-get update -yq \
        && apt-get install curl gnupg -yq \
        && curl -sL | bash \
        && apt-get install nodejs -yq
    #install jsreport-cli
    RUN npm install jsreport-cli -g
    #install chrome for jsreport linux
    RUN apt-get update && \   
        apt-get install -y gnupg  libgconf-2-4 wget && \
        wget -q -O - | apt-key add - && \
        sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list' && \
        apt-get update && \
        apt-get install -y google-chrome-unstable --no-install-recommends
    ENV chrome:launchOptions:args --no-sandbox
    #expose port 80
    EXPOSE 80
    CMD dotnet Server.dll

    Is there another step that I am missing somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help!

  • The same dockerfile works for me.
    Is this your whole dockerfile? Don't you have there another building section?

  • This is the entire docker file. I did find out that for some reason using CMD dotnet Server.dll made it so my program did not have access to the environment variables set in the docker file. If I set the environment variables in C#, just before running a report, everything worked fine. However, when I changded CMD dotnet Server.dll to ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "Server.dll"] I was able to run reports as expected.

  • Thank you for sharing.

    Now I see it also in the docs
    CMD doesn't propagate variables.

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