ASP.Net core and JSReport

  • Hi Team,
    I am at present evaluating jsreport to use for reporting in our application. I have the following requirement:

    1. We have a .net core 2.0 app using MongoDB, we need a tool that is good for reporting purposes. [We need excel/pdf report, nothing fancy as analytics].
    2. We want the reports to be part of ASP.Net core application, like we click a button, the reports gets generated and should be available for download.
    3. We have an aggregation pipeline being used in the application, which gets the json string and display it as merged data into a table in the front end ( duplicate data – merged into single row ). Attaching sample excel report format we want. The data in the report is sample data ( Col 1 to Col 6 – should be name of columns from db – just mentioned them for your understanding.) Similarly the data inside the report will be different for each 1 and 1.1 and 1.1.1 – I have given it as some sample text.

    I have written down node.js script, but confused about its embedding into our application written in core. Any pointers would help wrt to data query and merge and embedding.


  • I recommend starting here

    perhaps with this example
    This example gives you an idea how to integrate local jsreport without using node.

    However, it is just one way.
    You can also start extra service - jsreport or jsreportonline and integrate from .net using jsreport.Client
    This separation is more complex for the set up, but a bit cleaner on the other hand.
    It is up to you what you will prefer.

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