how to render view from online template in mvc project?

  • i made a template in online jsreport server.
    I am going to use this template in a controller as view.
    I can render that template by using RenderByNameAsync.
    but how can I return as ActionResult type?
    I am going to get rendered html as result.
    anyone help me?

  • I probably miss something, but this looks like a trivial thing to return a stream from the mvc controller action.

    return new FileStreamResult(reporter.Content, "application/pdf")

  • thank you for your comment.
    I wrote following code in async action.
    public async Task<ContentResult> ReportTotalMonthlyValueAsync(TMVReportViewModel viewModel)
    rs = new ReportingService("", "user", "password");
    var report = await rs.RenderByNameAsync("TotalMonthlyValueReport", new
    string text;
    using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(report.Content))
    text = reader.ReadToEnd();
    return Content(text);

    when call rs.RenderByNameAsync function, this function does not return.
    so i implemented it in console app and it does work.
    it only does not work in mvc action.
    could you help me?

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