another timeout issue.

  • We built the web application using .net core 2.1 and jsreport v2. it works fine in local, dev, and qa env. but timed out in production. The file is very small, only 11 pages. we tried everything, still couldn't get it working.

    JsReportBinaryException: Error rendering report: A critical error occurred while trying to execute the render command: Timeout Error: pdf generation not completed after 30000ms (1). caused by error (1) -> meta = {"remoteStack":"Error: Timeout Error: pdf generation not completed after 30000ms\n at Timeout.setTimeout (jsreportRuntime.js:134749:19)\n at ontimeout (timers.js:482:11)\n at tryOnTimeout (timers.js:317:5)\n at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:277:5)"}, stack = Error: at responseToBuffer ([eval]:42206:29) at concat ([eval]:42259:40) at ConcatStream.<anonymous> ([eval]:13929:43) at emitNone (events.js:111:20) at ConcatStream.emit (events.js:208:7) at finishMaybe ([eval]:88932:14) at afterWrite ([eval]:88794:3) at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:144:20) at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:180:9

  • What OS version do you run on production?

  • windows server 2016

  • We are solving similar timeout issue here but that seems to be a problem of windows 7.
    I think windows server 2016 should be fine.
    Do you use IIS to host the application?
    Are you able to temporarily turn of antivirus?
    Does the html recipe work there?
    Do you get the timeout also on a blank report with just "Hello" ?

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