JSReport AspNetCore Package Updates

  • Is the AspNetCore JSReport package actively updated? I am trying to use it in an new project and just wanted to check on how frequently it is being worked upon?
    Also how does JSReport compare with Puppeteer /PuppeteerSharp

  • We are very actively developing jsreport project.
    The .net sdk is basically just a wrapper around it, so there is not much to do as the API rarely changes.
    However, improvements that we bring to jsreport always quickly comes to .net sdk as well.

    Both projects are very different so you can't do a comparison.
    puppeteer is basically a bridge between headless chrome and node.js.
    jsreport is a full platform for doing reporting. Better to do a quick study on your own.


  • Hi Jan

    Thanks for your response. One more question, do we need chrome be installed in the server where we are deploying JSReport.
    I am using JSReport.Local & JSReport.Binary?

  • Chrome is embedded inside jsreport.Binary, so it doesn't need to be installed.

  • Is there a JSReport Feature roadmap so we know what new features we can expect?

  • https://jsreport.net/learn/faq#roadmap

    but it is a bit outdated, need to update it...

  • When using JSReport AspNetCore inside Docker do we need to install any dependencies for JSReport or a simple RUN dotnet restore should work?
    Any examples running in Docker with AspNetCore will be helpful

  • Please read some docs first....

  • Thanks Jan for answering the questions and I am referring to the docs. I have just started to look at JSReport hence trying to figure out things.

    I am referring to this the below section
    and had the question why we need to install Chrome inside Docker container if JSReport.Binary already has chrome?

  • The jsreport.Binary has chrome that works fine on windows.
    The jsreport.Binary.Linux has chrome that works on the most Linux dev environments.

    Unfortunately, typically limited docker environment doesn't include all the dependencies headless chrome requires.
    The code in the documentation installs a new chrome with script that downloads also required deps and makes sure it runs.

    Maybe we will one day start to release also jsreport.Binary.Linux.NoChrome without bundled chrome to safe some docker image size.

  • Thanks for the explanation

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