@Oleksii-Baula about the column width not being expected, I don't have a good explanation or solution, we use the chrome table layout algorithm so in this case we get the width values from chrome itself.

for the case in which overflow does not work (meaning that it does not make the cell to text wrap) i recommend that you just don't trust what the office preview shows you, i mean that you should download the output and check how it looks when you open the file.

I did a test and when the data in cell has spaces fiveThree fiveThree five... (like it is expected for the text wrap to work) I've observed that it looks different when opening the file locally.

however for the case in which the text does not have spaces fiveThreefiveThreefive... the wrap works but it hides part of the text (which is the result you don't want), basically right now in a case in which the text is long and it does not have spaces it won't work as you lile.