thanks for the detailed feedback - as I'd worked with OpenXML back in the day I like the way the xlsx recipe lets me get hands-on for some things, but also lets me re-use template items, but ... I also like the idea of moving more to a 'designer' view of things using handlebars within the Word doc (or PowerPoint or Spreadsheet) to achieve the same results without having to know as much about the internals. Will this new model also allow more than just handlebars (so if we want to do some logic within the document based in the data - ie use javascript or VBA to handle something more complex than just what handlebars will let us do) - if not, that's where the current xlsx model would be good to let us extend further.

I'd not tried using the docx as a linked asset, that would certainly save me a few steps as I experiment!

If my current use-case of a table with variable rows supportable, or should I drop in a feature request to github for that?