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  • Hi Team,

    I am learning from the Showcase - Stock Report.... I notice that the header-footer are showing value defined in group .e.g {{group.fullName}}

    Can header-footer actually refer to data in directly, or defining group is the only way to pass information to header-footer template?

    Thank you very much.

  • The input data on pdf-utils operation are the same as in the original request

  • Hum... even when the data is prepared in a script function beforeRender(req, res) dynamically?

    If my data is defined like this. My attempt to show {{eso_no}} in header template does not work. = {
    "eso_no": "HAL-1600218",
    "versionDate": versionDate,
    "tShipper": tShipper,
    "items": result

    However, if I create a group in the main template.
    {{{pdfCreatePagesGroup eso_no=eso_no versionDate=versionDate}}}
    then I can show {{group.eso_no}} in the header template.

    Thank you.

  • Please try to create a minimal playground example replicating your issue.

  • Thank you Sir. Here it is.

    In the header-footer template, the group information can be shown but not the element in
    So the testing below cannot get the value {{eso_no}}

    Submission No : {{group.eso_no}}<br>
    Testing No : {{eso_no}}<br>

  • O... I found the answer... it has to be {{../eso_no}}


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