Create Report Template with external Angular components

  • Hello,

    I am building an Web application with lot of Angular components (Charts, Grids, Rich text editors, Well Schematics component, Directional survey component etc).

    Users want to arrange all of these in a visualization, get a preview and print the same into PDF. we tried to do the print ourselves using chrome headless browser, but facing lot of issues with scrollbars, and components getting truncated etc. Each of the component is not becoming print aware.

    How does JSReport handle this?

    the intent is to create a report template using JSReport, the questions are

    1. Will JSReport be able to consume my Angular components in the template
    2. Make it print aware before print (Text editor content should flow into multiple pages, same with grid, chart should display properly without resize or alignment issues)
    3. Handle the page breaks properly.
    4. get preview option
    5. Have a Table of Content for all the sections in the report.
      5.a) Will I be able to make each section/chapter of the report seperately and merge them in a master template? this is like one template having multiple child templates and then assemble and stitch them together.

    Has anybody used JSReport or any other reporting platform in above context?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • You can see on the showcase Stock Report that you can build very complex reports with charts, TOC, outlines and dynamic headers.

    However, it is up to you how you build your html and css. jsreport does nothing special about alignment or scrollbars.

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