css to { transform: rotate(.5turn); } does not accept parameter for rotate

  • Hi Jsreport team! Long time no see :D !

    Today's question is about css, I'm trying to see if I could insert pie charts using pure css in my report, however
    (as mentioned in the title) it seems that jsreport does not reconize the parameter ".5turn" as valid and cast an error instead
    "Expected RBRACE at ligne # col #" which correspond to the beginning of the parameter.

    on this codepen you could see what I'm trying to get as a result

    and on the playgroung what I'm actualy having in jsreport:
    (by the way, while making this workspace, I just saw the error was not displayed if I was puting the css directly into the template but only if I save it as an asset!)

    Is it eventualy a current limitation from jsreport or is it an unexpected behaviour?

    Thank you in advance!!

  • Unfortunately phantomjs doesn't keep up to date with modern css so much. Maybe you can render charts rather with some javascript library.

    Another option is to use electron-pdf recipe which uses chrome based pdf rendering. However be aware that it currently doesn't support headers and footers.

  • Hummm.... I see
    I did also try with the wkhtmltopdf engine but had the same result unfortunately
    maybe I could effectively look into the electron-pdf recipe as you suggest and wil find a workaround for those header/footer (through assets probably!)

    To resume this is an issue related to the engine so I should probably look into them directly, did I get it right?

  • Yes definitely. For me it works the best to search phantomjs issues on github.


  • Thanks a lot again!! Looking into it =)

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