Using Freeze extension templates are disappears - trial version

  • i am using freeze extension

    "freeze": {
    "hardFreeze": true

    when i set hardfreeze =true all templates are disappears

    any suggestions

  • I can't replicate this. My templates don't disappear.
    Please provide as much information as you can.
    For the start jsreport logs.

  • log are here

    2019-05-08T11:12:20.365Z - info: Initializing jsreport@2.4.0 in development mode using configuration file: jsreport.config.json
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.372Z - info: Searching for available extensions in C:\Cube\\CubePracticeCoreAPI\JsReports
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.398Z - info: Extensions location cache contains up to date information, skipping crawling in C:\Cube\\CubePracticeCoreAPI\JsReports
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.417Z - info: Found 32 extensions
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.462Z - debug: Writing extension locations cache to C:\Users\ZUBAIR~1.ALT\AppData\Local\Temp\jsreport\core\locations.json
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.466Z - debug: Discovered 32 extensions
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.562Z - info: Setting process based strategy for rendering. Please visit for information how to get more performance.
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.578Z - info: Using extension handlebars
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.590Z - info: Using extension jsrender
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.594Z - info: Using extension templates
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.605Z - info: Using extension authentication
    2019-05-08T11:12:20.705Z - info: Using extension import-export
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.191Z - info: Using extension freeze
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.199Z - info: Using extension cli
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.203Z - info: Using extension express
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.673Z - info: Using extension debug
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.678Z - info: Using extension tags
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.685Z - info: Using extension data
    2019-05-08T11:12:21.693Z - info: Using extension fs-store
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.426Z - debug: Extension fs-store was disabled
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.427Z - info: Using extension authorization
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.437Z - info: Using extension child-templates
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.447Z - info: Using extension browser-client
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.455Z - info: Using extension licensing
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.466Z - info: Using extension chrome-pdf
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.655Z - debug: Chrome strategy is dedicated-process
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.656Z - info: Using extension phantom-pdf
    2019-05-08T11:12:22.743Z - info: Using extension version-control
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.044Z - info: Using extension reports
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.058Z - info: Using extension text
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.062Z - info: Using extension base
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.067Z - info: Using extension studio
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.118Z - debug: studio request logs are enabled (flush interval: 2000)
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.121Z - info: Using extension pdf-utils
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.372Z - info: Using extension scheduling
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.492Z - info: Using extension scripts
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.500Z - info: Using extension html-to-xlsx
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.815Z - info: html-to-xlsx detected chrome as available html engine
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.816Z - info: html-to-xlsx detected phantom as available html engine
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.817Z - info: Using extension assets
    2019-05-08T11:12:23.839Z - info: Using extension xlsx
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.113Z - info: Using extension sample-template
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.119Z - debug: Creating samples is disabled
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.120Z - info: Using extension resources
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.123Z - info: Using extension public-templates
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.197Z - info: Creating default express app.
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.205Z - info: Token based authentication against custom authorization server is enabled
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.274Z - info: jsreport server successfully started on http port: 4002
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.284Z - info: Verifying license key free
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.287Z - info: Using free license
    2019-05-08T11:12:24.299Z - info: reporter initialized

    and here is my config file

      "httpPort": 4002,
      "allowLocalFilesAccess": true,
      "extensions": {
    	"freeze": {
    			"hardFreeze": true
        "authentication": {
          "cookieSession": {
            "secret": "<your strong secret>"
          "admin": {
            "username": "admin",
            "password": "password"
          "authorizationServer": {
            "tokenValidation": {
              "endpoint": "http://localhost:51040/connect/introspect",
              "usernameField": "reportuser",
              "activeField": "active",
              "scope": {
                "valid": ["jsreport"]
              "auth": {
                "type": "basic",
                "basic": {
                  "clientId": "jsreport",
                  "clientSecret": "Cub3M3dic@l8illin9"
          "enabled": true
        "authorization": {
          "enabled": true

    when i change hardfreeze = true all template disappears in jsreport studio

  • You are missing template store configuration in your config.
    This means you are persisting just in the memory.
    This means every restart will cause losing all templates.

    You need to add something like this to your config.

    "store": {
        "provider": "fs"

  • Much appreciated :)
    Thank You So much That's Work for me!

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