Difficulty in setting AWS elastic beanstalk configuration.

  • Hi,

    I have created the JS report 2.3 using docker in AWS elastic beanstalk and i have set the software configuration using my current running JS report 1.7, but look like these configuration is not taking any effect in JS 2.3,

    Please let us know how do i configure new JS report 2.3 in aws.

    for example. in JS 1.7 we have used following environmental properties to store in postgress.

    • connectionString_name - postgress

    • connectionString_database - database name

    • connectionString_host - connection string of the database

    but above listed environmental properties are not taking any effect in JS report 2.3

    Please help to upgrade my JS report from 1.7 to 2.3

  • connectionString has been renamed to store in v2.

    Take a look at the current config
    You should be able to see what has changed.

    You can find more information also in the docs

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    i am able to set the store configurations and it is working now.

    but when i tried to set the admin login configuration, it is not successful and elastic beanstalk is not taking effect and it is revering

    Also the electron is giving error as 'Error when processing render request Timeout when executing in electron Error: Timeout when executing in electron'
    and i have set the followings for electron.
    electron_numberOfWorkers = 12
    electron_strategy = dedicated-process
    electron_timeout = 60000

    i need to use electron since my existing JS 1.7 is having some electron Template and which i need to migrate to new version

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