Automatically Reloading

  • While i working with my template its automatically reloading every 10 sec And also its rendering automatically while i am saving template in jsreport 2.5.0 .

  • This is a new regression on 2.5.0 and it was fine for you before?
    The rendering and reloading should happen only if you modify the template file on the background from another process.
    Don't you have another process modifying the data files?
    Don't you have some kind of slow disk? In this case jsreport can assume it was an external modification even it was not.
    Does this happen on your local pc or on a slower environment?

    In every case you can disable the files syncing using this config. However please help us to track what could be the source of the problems.

     "extensions": {
        "fs-store": {
           "syncModifications": false

  • Thank U so much for your response.Now its working great!!

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