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  • Is there a way to easily customize the color theme of the UI itself? For example, can I change the toolbar at the top to a new color, or perhaps even white-label the logo for our company? I was able to identify the locations of the SCSS for the application, but none of the changes I make to them seem to do anything. I think I'm just missing something obvious.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,
    we have this feature in our backlog and we plan to implement it during the next two months or something like that.
    If you aren't in a hurry, please just subscribe and get a notification when it is released.


  • I really appreciate the update!

    Just to be clear, I don't need this to be a feature that is exposed in the UI as a fancy menu-driven option. I just want to be able to make manual updates the existing SCSS. However, it doesn't appear to be working. I have located the appropriate SCSS (ie Toolbar.scss in the jsreport-studio module) that I think I need to change, but chrome dev tools is showing each style with strange text like "__3D4ee" that is appended to all of the classes from Toolbar.scss. I thought maybe this was coming from a license restriction on the free version I downloaded for testing? If so, do you know if the paid versions of jsreport will allow me to manually edit the SCSS without restriction?

    GREAT product, by the way! I'm excited to get this working in our environment! Thanks again!

  • The plan is just to add config file options to specify the image and some basic css. No plan for menu driven option.
    It has nothing to do with free/enterprise
    The studio files always need to be compiled/transpiled, that is why your changes don't take affect. The compilation can be invoked from the jsreport-studio repo using npm run build command.
    However, you can get into other troubles. I recommend to be patient and wait until we provide the configuration options.

  • Ah I see! Okay... I appreciate the explanation.

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