Is it possible to use jsreports for bulk statement printing

  • Hello, First of all it is great tool. We are evaluating currently to see whether we can use jsreports for statements printing in bulk. Our idea is to bring data in JSON format from other system and jsreport-cli to generate PDF and then print it using hi-speed printers. The volume would be 50K pages every day. Is this the right tool to generate this big PDF on a daily basis. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Could someone please answer the above question? We are trying to decide between couple of tools and we like jsreports compared to other tools.

  • The performance is always based on particular template styles and complexity.
    I recommend to quickly prototype your single statement, multiply it to 50k pages and test it.

  • Thank you so much for your response, have heard about your tool being used for the bulk printing by anyone else?

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