Error: Reached maximum number of script rendering requests

  • I am getting the following error:

    Error: Reached maximum number of script rendering requests. Verify that reporter.render is not causing cycle

    This is because in the beforeRender script I am intentionally rendering 6 other chrome image templates. I need these images so that I can take their bytes and inject them into my final docxtemplater template. Everything works if I ask it to only render 3 of the image templates. Once I increase it to 4 it stops working.

    How can I increase this limit? If there is no config for it, can you let me know where in the code this is? I will change it in my fork.


  • I think I found it at node_modules\jsreport-scripts\lib\defaultProxyHandlers.js. Please let me know if this is correct.

  • Yep. The above file was correct. I was able to change the limit from 3 processes to 10 and then everything worked. Hope this is useful to someone in the future.

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