Landscape and Portrait layout in same report

  • Is it possible to add a tag or something to flip the report from portrait to landscape and back again?
    This is a common requirement in most BI solutions, I don't quite see how it's possible when its HTML.
    Printing of the report is where its key.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The pdf page orientation can be switched globally for the whole report in the phantom-pdf menu.

  • Yeah, kind of missing the point. Most reports are portrait, but every now and then you need to flip to landscape. If JSReport is going to contend with the big boys, it's going to need to support this feature. Could it be something that is handled by phantom pdf, i.e. when phantom sees a particular tag it flips the page.
    I guess the HTML will work no matter what the page layout. it's merely the instruction to say this is a portrait or landscape page.

  • I'm not aware that phantomjs would support to specify the layout through the css or an html tag.
    What is wrong with specifying the orientation through the phantom options?
    Or your intention is to have one page landscape and one portrait inside the same pdf?
    I'm not sure I understand what is your intention.

  • Yep indeed in any report, you should be able to have pages portrait and landscape within the same report
    Page 1 = Portrait - Cover Page
    Page 2 = Landscape - Matrix
    Page 3 = Portrait - contents
    Page 4 = Landscape - Timeline

    See my point.

  • Ok, I see. Unfortunately I think this is not supported by the phantomjs/wkhtmltopdf or electron. It is likely only possible with fop recipe.

    We plan to solve this problem with providing feature to merge multiple pdf reports in post processing, but we haven't find a good lib that would be able to do it yet.

  • I think its a must for any good reporting solution. Keep me updated with its progress, please.

  • Good news. We released extension which can mix multiple pdfs with different page orientatio into one. This should cover your requirement.
    See the announcement here

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