Revert to free license from enterprise trial license

  • Hi,

    I just recently started using jsreport again after some period of non-report development. the server will not start looking for the enterprise license key.

    I might have exceeded my template for the 5 key restriction for development and did not proceed with the purchase after the trial period.

    Id like to know how to revert back to free version as we would like to continue our development of reports and purchase when necessary within the year.

    I anyone can help.


    Karlo Mac

  • You need to delete some templates manually from the file system and then start jsreport instance after you have <=5 templates.
    It will switch back to free mode then.

  • How do i delete the templates ? do i go into the data folder and just delete a folder with the template?

  • Yes, the folder name reflects the template name. Better to backup before of course.

  • Thank you - worked!

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