Export Timeout Issue

  • Hi,
    I am using JS-Report to export excel sheets and it is failing with this timeout issue.
    warn: Error when processing render request Timeout error during executing script Error: Timeout error during executing script
    10|js-repo | at Timeout._onTimeout (/opt/mount1/cartos/js_report/node_modules/script-manager/lib/manager-processes.js:26:8)
    10|js-repo | at ontimeout (timers.js:498:11)
    10|js-repo | at Timer.unrefdHandle (timers.js:611:5)

    It happens randomly.
    Any idea on how to solve it?

  • Try increasing the scripts timeout.

      "extensions": {
        "scripts": {
          "timeout": 60000

  • This post is deleted!

  • "extensions": {
    "authentication" : {
    "cookieSession": {
    "secret": "<your strong secret>"
    "admin": {
    "username" : "admin",
    "password": "password"
    "enabled": false
    "sample-template": {
    "createSamples": true
    "scripts": {
    "timeout": 60000,
    "strategy": "dedicated-process",
    "allowedModules": "*"
    Hi Jan,
    I have this settings already in my config file.

  • Hi Jan,
    I have further increased the timeout to 100000. But still it fails.
    On killing and restarting the service it works fine.

  • Maybe an error in your custom script if you have it. I assume based on the error.

  • Hi Jan,
    There is no issue with custom report. I validated that by running it manually in the server. But with PM2 it is failing occasionally as this server reboots everyday.
    As for every reboot we stop and start the services, there may be a chance of misconfiguration of js-Report. Is there any way to check what all default values we have beside the config file in JS-Report.

  • The config looks good. Do you have a custom script attached to this template? Can you share it?

    Or maybe even better could you upload somewhere or email to me the jsreport export?

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