Request quota exceeded

  • Today i received this message during a render of a template.
    But i don't understand which type of quota is exceeded.
    My company have a bronze online subscription.

  • About request quotas...

    Each jsreportonline has its own throttling limits for rendering or amount of stored entities. The rendering throttling is always measured in the 5 minutes window. If the time spent in the rendering containers reaches the limit, the new requests are rejected until the 5 minutes window is closed. Each account has also limit for number of entities stored in each entity set.

    Please note we have currently some issues with one of the windows servers in AWS. The windows recipes rendering can currently be slower than usual.
    Please, not the windows recipes are for the long-time deprecated. We strongly recommend to stop using them.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • The problematic server was replaced and service operates without troubles now.

  • Now seems ok, thanks jan for your response.

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