Possible to use a different appdata directory?

  • So i have the following tree structure.

    • projectData/
    • jsReport/
      ****** /samples/Invoice

    When i start the server, the appData folder uses the jsreport/data/Sample as the root.
    Do note that when i start the JSReport studio i start it from jsReport/
    Is it possible so that when i do npm start for JSReport to read from projectData (for that to be the rootdirectory) and not jsReport/data. i have used the "rootDirectory" property on jsreport.config.json but it doesnt seem to do what i want it todo.


  • You can configure jsreport to load templates from specific folder using this config

      "extensions": {
        "fs-store": {
          "dataDirectory": "../projectData"

    Is this what you are looking for?

  • Thanks I'll try it

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