Need Help with bootstrap and directory

  • Hi i'm new to jsreports

    1. If i want to use bootstrap with my report how do i included it in my template file?
      right now i'm using boostrap css likes this
    • for CSS
      <link href="{#asset /OneStop/boostrap/css/bootstrap.css @encoding=link}" rel="stylesheet" />

    • for JS
      <scipt src="{#asset /OneStop/boostrap/js/bootstrap.js @encoding=link}">

      if its done right why boostrap grid not working?

    1. Do i need to separate directory likes data, assets, template in order to make thing working correctly?

  • Is it working for you with html recipe and not working with chrome?
    If this is the case, check this documentation

    If it isn't working for the html as well, try to include the whole bootstrap content instead of the link.

    {#asset /OneStop/boostrap/css/bootstrap.css}

  • Thanks i will try this when i'm at work :)

  • I tried it it not working so i changed to directly use bootstrap cdn now their grid system work but some of their class might not fully work likes mt, mb or pull-left, right.

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