PhantomJS <thead> overlaid on table body

  • Using PhantonJS 1.9.8, when my table extends onto a second page the <thead> area us repeating as I want, but ... rather than appearing at the top with the rows after it, the header is appearing over the body content...

    Am I missing something?
    0_1572499918387_Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 4.28.28 pm.png

  • Unfortunately, this is a known phantomjs bug.
    Please see this comment and try linked workarounds.

    Note it is typically better to use chrome-pdf recipe if you are just starting with jsreport.

  • thanks Jan - the fix seems to be removing the font-size from thead/tbody elements ... which isn't great!
    I had tried chrome-pdf but the same report that's working fine in Phantom times out in chrome-pdf (will open a new forum request on that if I can't find a solution tonight)

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