include a local image dynamically

  • using PhantomJS/handlebars I have a variable that comes form the database that gives me part of the name of which image to include on the report
    eg {{client}} will contain My Company and I know that on the local disk I will have a file called My Company.png that I want to include in the layout (eg) <img src="{{client}}.png"> but so far I'm not having much luck.

    I can pull the image in from a remote webserver so worst case I could host them externally to the jsreport instance (or can we get jsreport to also serve simple static http/https assets locally?

  • Here are some options...

    1. Configure assets extension to search for files on the disk
      The easiest is to do it just with this config
      "allowLocalFilesAccess": true

    then use
    <img src='{#asset myimage.png @encoding=dataURI}' />

    1. Upload the images as assets through studio
    1. reference file with absolute url
      <img src="file:///D:/work\myimage.png" />

    2. use base extension that adds the html base tag with the absolute url to your app location

    "allowLocalFilesAccess": true,
    "extensions": {
      "base": {
        "url": "${cwd}"

    then you can use just

      <img src='myimage.png' />

  • works perfectly ... thanks.
    as there's a bunch of images and I won't know what they will be as new customers are defined in the database the dynamic (rather than import) is the best solution

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