chrome-pdf times out, phantom-pdf renders

  • I have a fairly simple HTML layout (just a single table) which if I render using phantom-pdf succeeds (but has some other styling issues). If I switch to chrome-pdf I get the following:

    Error: Timeout Error: pdf generation not completed after 40000ms
    at Timeout._onTimeout (E:\JC\jsreport\node_modules\jsreport-chrome-pdf\lib\conversion.js:192:19)
    at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:531:17)
    at processTimers (internal/timers.js:475:7)

    Would love to try to see if chrome-pdf renders correctly so any suggestions to fix the timeout gratefully received. I have tried upping the timeout in the .conf file to 100000 but still get the same

  • The 40s are really a lot. Please try to replicate your issue in the playground.

    The tabes processing is unfortunately quite slow in chrome, but still, it should do ok in most of the cases.

  • this - - works fine in playground, but times out locally using chrome-pdf (renders fine with phantom-pdf)
    using version 2.6.1 of jsreport on my Azure VM - Win 2016 Server (Datacenter)

    any trouble-shooting suggestions? issues with Windows 2016?

  • I can't imagine such a template could actually time out with the same provided data.
    Are you sure your jsreport instance is properly working? Are you able to render just a simple "Hello world" template with chrome?
    How have you installed jsreport?

  • I think it must be an install/environment issue...

    <p>Hello World</p>

    also timeouts!

    I installed by installing nodejs/npm (Win64) and then following the steps on When I get the timeout, I also ran the update steps to make sure it was latest version

    Hopefully it's fixable, as because of firewall rules I can only run this on a VM within out Azure tenant

  • I tried azure VM with the win 2016 server datacenter, with size Standard DS1 v2 (1 vcpus, 3.5 GiB memory)
    There are no issues with chrome-pdf recipe.

  • driving me crazy! set up a 'clean' VM and installed JSReport and it's fine, but on the original dev machine it's still timing out. Remove node and jsreport and reinstalled and still the same (so I can only assume there's something else conflicting). Sigh... will move to a dedicated machine to continue exploring!

  • playing around some more, it looks like the problem may be Sophos anti virus (as well as not liking the .exe Windows runtime, it looks like it might be blocking headless chrome according to some other reports) ... sigh. Time to see if I can persuade out security folks to allow it somehow...!

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