Highcharts rendering issue

  • Hi,
    I created a sample JSreport project locally using "JsReport init" command and created a new template to render highcharts into the report.

    I used the same script for template which is available here:

    But when I run, it creates an empty report.

    Does anyone know what might be the problem?

  • Hi,

    maybe the cdn used to download highcharts script is blocked in your environment.

    Try to run the same template using html recipe. Do you see the result? Are there errors in the browser F12 console?

    What if you run the same template with chrome-pdf with the studio debug button. Are there errors mentioned in the output?

  • Thanks Jan for replying.

    This is solved now. Jquery was the problem.
    How can I contact you for queries related to a enterprise product level usage of JSReport??

  • You can email me if you don't find your missing information here

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