Chrome-pdf empty header displays the date

  • In my template I've enabled headers/footers for Chrome-PDF and explicitly defined content for the footer. I'd never opened the Heading in a tab to edit but when I run the report after giving the template a margin I notice it's putting todays today in the header...

    Until I explicitly edit the header to give it a <body></body> it continues to appear.

    Is this expected behaviour? Easy workaround, but wanted to check if I should open a bug

  • I understand it is a bit strange. This is how the chrome/puppeteer API works and we want to stay close to it and don't like to do its tweaks.
    How it works...
    You select display header/footer and it always adds the default header/footer until you fill something.

    Maybe there could be another checkbox "display chrome default header/footer" but so far I would keep it as it is as everyone quickly finds out what to do.

  • ha ha! thanks for confirming... as I say, easy enough to fix and not worth distracting from other efforts

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