Generating new pages based on data size for fixed size table

  • Hi Jan,

    Hope you are doing great !

    One of my client has specific requirement related to table in template. Template is one page document and it has fixed 6 rows table. apart from table, template has some other data at top and bottom of page.
    I have array in input json which represents data to be rendered on table and below is the scenario with expected report.

    Scenario1: If json data array length is less than 6 items, generated report would generate 1 page document.

    Scenario2: If json data array length is more than 6 items, generated report would generate 2 page document.

    PFA template, only issue is how to work with table which has fixed row size of 6, and need to continue on new pages based on data size.

    So the requirement is, if data which represents table exceeds than number of rows defined in template, rendered report should generate new page and put the remaining data on new page. Also rest other common data would be replicated into new page. like name, signature and date in attached example.

    Kindly share your thoughts on how to achieve this in JsReport using Docx recipe.
    Please let me know how can I share samples with you, may be through email.
    Appreciate your help as always :)


  • Hi Jan,

    I have mailed you samples at JAN.BLAHA@JSREPORT.NET from my email id (


  • Thank you. We will evaluate the concept of page breaks in docx and come back here in a few days.

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