one block of text repeats

  • I have the following defined in a handlebars/chrome-pdf template:

    <img class="ap-logo" src='{#asset logo.png @encoding=dataURI}'>
    <span class="hdr">TV by Markets</span>
    <img class="logo" src='{#asset {{tt}}.png @encoding=dataURI}'>

    as I hoped, the table correctly flows across pages with the header rows repeating, but ... from the block before the table the hdr class (and only that, not the images) also gets repeated.

    Any thoughts? I tried using an ifEquals helped and checking the pageNum value so I'd only show the heading block on the first page, but it seems that I can't access pageNum in this context (is there a way to find that, because then I could simply only include the heading on the relevant page)

  • Do you have a fixed position for the hdr class? This would have the effect, that it repeats on that fixed position on every page.

  • yes there was - thanks for pointing it out. was able to still get the same centering result I wanted with position:absolute and it doesn't repeat

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