jsreport rendering templates for more than 12 mints to download.

  • Hi,
    I am using PDF utils operation of "Render for every page".Because of i need header for every template and header content will dynamically change for every page. For this i am using {{{pdfAddPageItem}}}.
    Such that its taking 12 mints to download for 800 page report.
    In my requirement i need header for every page.such case any way to increase my performance issue.

  • Please try the "merge whole document" option, from the docs...

    With merge whole documents enabled, the header template development requires more code but the resulting template has better performance. Such header template typically needs to iterate over all pages and add header with a page break. The output pdf then includes just headers which can be in one chunk merged into the current pdf. See this demonstrated on the following example.

  • Thank u @jan_blaha now its working awesome. Though 800 pages PDF report downloading within 1 mint .Thank u so much for your immediate response.Great work .

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