pdf utils: pass value from main-template to header

  • Hi,

    I have a invoice template and I want to pass the invoice-id to the header to print it on every page. And I can pass the value with handlebars like this to pdf-utils:

    <span>{{invoiceid}}</span>{{{pdfAddPageItem invoiceid}}}

    But I don't understand how to access this value on the header template?
    It should be accessible like $pdf.pages[x].items[y]. What stands x and y for?

    I tried 0 and 0 because it is on page 1 and it is the first (and only) item I add with pdfAddPageItem. So I added this to the header template:


    But I think I'm getting something wrong here...
    Should be a rather simple task, I geuss.

    Reto E.

  • I got it working.

    The correct syntax is:


    But the funny thing is, the assignment of a value does not always work. The pdfAddPageItem above does not work. But if I put it a few lines later after a $localizedResource it works:

    {{$localizedResource.invoce}}{{{pdfAddPageItem invoiceid}}}

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