Slow render chrome-pdf with pdf-utils

  • Hello,

    I am rendering a pdf. report with 400 assets -> resulting in 22 pages pdf. document in 28 seconds.

    In my case thats too long.

    I am including another template with pdf-utils for header and footer in the document, rendering on every page.
    If I exclude this template, report with 400 assets -> resulting in 22 pages pdf.document renders in 4 seconds.

    Is there any way that I could include template and get report rendered at around 10 seconds?

    I tried displaying only the number of page within pdf-utils template, and it still rendered at around 28 seconds.

    I am using chrome-pdf with handlebars.

    Thank you

  • Confirmed, I modified template, which I include for header and footer, and set "Merge whole document" in configuration.

    Render time from 28 seconds -> 6 seconds.

    Thank you!

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