Cant save anymore : column jsreport_SettingType.shortid does not exist

  • Dears,

    First of I really like JSReport. Making it easy and flexible to render PDF .
    I had it running now for a while with saving the settings on a postgres DB.

    However now for some reason I can't save it anymore.

    If you hit save after a change there is an error message popping up saying:
    column jsreport_SettingType.shortid does not exist


    What can I do to fix this?

    Help much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards,

  • Glad you like what we do.

    The sql based template stores aren't applying change scripts between versions.
    If you upgrade jsreport and there are new fields introduced in the new version, it crashes like this.

    You have 2 options

    • Add the column it is searching for manually
    • Export all your data into zip when running previous version, upgrade jsreport, drop all tables, let it recreate tables with the new schema and import previously exported data (make sure you backup everything before you jump into this)

  • Hi Jan,
    Thank you .
    Its working now.
    I went for option 1 and created all the fields needed manually .
    Seems you use always the same datatype .

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