Installing jsreport on azure app service not on docker!

  • Hi,
    As we're using Azure web services for many apps and we already have couple of windows based app service plans, we would like to utilize those machines to run jsreport.
    As far as I know, node site can be run (still) on azure windows based app services.
    My plan is to deploy the whole site to a new web app on existing windows app service plan. But i would like that the template storage will reside at our azure blob storage, best is to use the same environment variables as defined in the docker installation guide (

    Will that work?
    what should I install on our existing jsreport to make it happen (beside npm install jsreport-azure-storage)?

  • Unfortunately, the windows-based azure app services are too restrictive and block some libs headless chrome needs for its run.
    This means you won't be able to render pdf in this environment. At least with chrome.
    I will update the docs to mention this, somehow this note disappeared.

    The only option with azure app services is docker.

  • Thanks for the response

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