Use resources in helper

  • Hello I would like to translate with the resource system directly in a helper. In a function of a helper I make a return of an html code and I would like to translate according to the language pass in parameter via Api. Can you please show me an example that allows this kind of translation.

  • Please try something like this if you use handlebars

    function helperA() {
        return this.$localizedResource.message

    The $localizedResource is a normal property available on the root data.

  • thank you for your response that help me well but I have another difficulty because I use the helper function inside a loop so this does not correspond and at resource level I have undefined how if you please i can fix this concern

  • the $localizedResource is just another prop on the templating engine root context.
    When you are inside a loop, you can reach it this way


    And just pass it as an argument to your helper call.

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