Header ignored on all except page one

  • New to working with jsreport/paged media and having issue with header being rendered over by content on any page but page one after page break.

    As an example:

    The header/footer code has been taken directly from:

    https://playground.jsreport.net/w/admin/kMI4FBmw and using same PDF Utils settings.

    Happy upload code if needs be, just thought there may be something obvious I'm overlooking?

  • it looks like the problem I had a while back ... having a fixed position to the class ( https://forum.jsreport.net/topic/1355/one-block-of-text-repeats/2 ) was my issue

  • Hmmm. Neither the header/footer or main divs have position attributes :/ Thanks anyhow.

  • oh, sorry ... misunderstood the problem (my problem was with content inside the page not headers) ... do you have margins setup for the page so it knows where the header/footer should be. Is this Chrome-PDF or Phantom-PDF?

  • This is chrome PDF. I have styles set up on a container div with top margins of 300px as I will have the logo etc. in there which works on page one. However, my page break occurs within this div, so does it therefore discard those margins on the next page? Perhaps I'm not familiar enough with how page breaks actually work!

  • for my pages I've hardcoded the margins on the Chrome-PDF setup in the designer so they're independent of the body. Pagebreaks in chromium seem to be a bit weird (and will continue to have some annoying little niggles until the LayoutNG project is complete and released so jsReport can use it)

  • Ahhh, I see. I didn't even know you could do that! All the samples use the styles to set the margins. That probably gets me half way to where I need to go. Thanks again!

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