HeadlessChrome error: ERROR: The requested object does not exist.

  • Hello, I have been using jsreports in a production environment with no problems until today. It seems that headless chrome is having issues, I tried changed the recipe to other types and I do not receive an error unless it's headless-chrome:

    2020-02-03T15:34:13.912Z - debug: Converting with chrome HeadlessChrome/76.0.3803.0 using dedicated-process strategy
    2020-02-03T15:34:14.186Z - debug: Running chrome with params {"marginTop":".5cm","marginRight":".5cm","marginBottom":"2cm","marginLeft":".5cm","margin":{"top":".5cm","right":".5cm","bottom":"2cm","left":".5cm"},"printBackground":true}
    ERROR: The requested object does not exist.

    Any advice?


  • Hm, haven't seen this error so far.

    Does it happen for all templates or just for a particular one?
    Are you able to replicate the issue on another environment?
    Are you running in a limited environment where the memory limitation could be a problem?

    There is a chance there is a bug in chrome that was fixed in later releases you may try to run

    npm i puppeteer@1.20.0 --save

  • This happens for all my templates on that machine.

    I cannot replicate the issue on the development environment...

    There definitely is enough memory (RAM, Storage) on the production machine.

    I tried updating puppeteer but it didn't help. Nothing has changed configuration wise here outside of potentially some kind of automatic update on the server.

    Very weird, I tried copying a fresh server folder and doing npm install, jsreport start and that didn't help me either.

    I guess I can try manually restarting the server tonight and see if that fixes it.

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